Free !  

Send weather data to with your meteoBridge or weatherBoxx - your weather station appears on the weather maps and you get a free weather station page with 1 month data storage.

The principle

Operate your own weather station and do something good for the environment at the same time - is that possible? Yes, you can - exactly with this WeatherMapSystem.

As a weather station operator, you send data via meteoBridge or weatherBoxx to this cloud database. The more stations which participate, the more informative the weather maps turn out to be. The starter subscription (free) is free, but can be extended in different stages. As soon as you decide to buy a paid subscription, you support environmental projects at the same time - we donate part of the revenue to these institutions So: Operate weather station -> save data here -> solve an extension subscription later -> do something good for the environment at the same time! Set up in 5 minutes!

Easy to handle - simply explained in a few sentences:

  • The owner and operator of a weather station can supply data into this system
  • The data is visualized on a worldwide map
  • Depending on the subscription, the data supplier has various expansion levels of his own WetterStations page at his disposal
  • You don't have to worry about your own weather website anymore. This system does this automatically

The promise

  • Your data will NOT be sold to third parties!
  • Our prices only cover the costs of the CloudServer and the development and support of the system
  • The portal is carried by a group, the continuity is secured for many years
  • The portal will of course be further developed - your wishes can be deposited in the forum

Do something good!

  • 10% of the revenue is donated each year to a charitable environmental organization

Special functions

  • A user can open and maintain several stations on
  • The stations can also be combined into groups and called up as a group map
  • The station page with the detailed data and graphics can be integrated into your own website via a link