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01/23/2022 Problem with the map in the station head --> Solved

The problem is identified and in work.
--> 01/24/2022: A new map was included  --> solved

01/04/2022 Version V1.4 is active

Dear weather friends: we are happy - the V1.4 is active and running stable. The following new features have been implemented:

  • Grassland temperature for subscription customers (under "Climate chart")
  • Special maps and PDF generation for a major customer

06/08/2021 Version V1.3 is active

  • Display of the data send string on the sensor page (edit station)
  • New: Display of separate ground probes (or water temperature)
  • Free assignment of probes
  • Changes in the admin area (Superadmin)
  • Admin can disable sensors and stations that are reported

04/29/2020 Version V1.2 is active

Dear weather friends: We are happy - the V1.2 is active and running stable. The following innovations have been realized:


  • Display air pressure as a Graph
  • Introduce Weatherdisplay as new interface
  • Import stations from "Kaltluftseen"
  • Special icon on map for Platinum customers (-> webcam)
  • Report station button (but first in a simple form)
  • Almanac page per station
  • Expand Admin Tools
  • Remove Twitter icon (Twitter is not relevant)

08/04/2020 The version V1.2 is in work

Exactly seven months after the "go live" the programming of a further expansion step was started. The number of users has grown by a further 113. Many thanks to all who participate and feed in data. And above all many thanks to all users who have taken out a subscription. These are the people who help to advance the portal with their financial support!

Version 1.2 is now also in the works. Look forward to many cool news - the list can be found in the roadmap.

12/10/2019 Version V1.1 is active

Dear weather friends: We are happy - the V1.1 is active and running stable. The following innovations have been realized:

  •     Units are now selectable (metric or UK/US)
  •     List of new stations with a cool link to the station location
  •     The exact address can be "hidden".
  •     Station groups on the map can be switched on and off. As soon as further interfaces are implemented, this is helpful.

station website

  •     Solar radiation and UV are now implemented
  •     Ground probes are now also available
  •     All data is editable, including the new probes. Cool search function
  •     New evaluation period: 2 days (so you can see the whole last night at once)
  •     Climate diagram: All years or years selectable
  •     Forecast for the weather station location

10/29/2019 The Version V1.1 is in development mode

A little more than six weeks we are online now and the community has grown by over 100 users/stations during this time. Many thanks to everyone who has joined us and contributed data. And above all, many thanks to all users who have purchased a subscription. These are the people who are helping The Portal with the financial support!

From now on version 1.1 is also in progress. Look forward to many cool options - the list can be found in the roadmap.

09/25/2019 The Portal is Growing - V1.1 in planning

The number of weather stations increases daily. Since the start (17 days) 38 new stations have been added - wow! Follow the new arrivals always up-to-date on our 3 info channels. Best you follow directly, then you don't miss any information.

Version 1.1 is also planned as of now. More about this later.

09/09/2019 Start - Launch - Go live

The system is now active and live on   :-)

20/8/2019 System is stable

Below the temperaturechart the humidity graphic was inserted. All parts of the system are now running stable, we are about to transfer the system to the operative server - but still on a special URL. As soon as it is so far, we will inform by mail.

10/8/2019 Browsertesting

Currently, rewebify is testing browser compatibility.
The info pages will be translated to English.

08/8/2019 Wind Radar 

For the wind direction a radar graphic was inserted on the station side. It shows the wind distribution for the day, 7 days, month and year.
Demo >>

A wind direction display on the map is not planned for the time being, as this is only a snapshot which says relatively little or nothing. 

7/25/2019 WebCam Tool Works

The integration of the WebCam was completed. For platinum users, the small thumb image is displayed next to the mouse over and a new tab for the webcam and the two films (day film, previous day film) is also available on the station side.


13/6/2019 Currently in progress

Translations into English, text detail adjustments. Installation of advertising tags

07/06/2019 Payment

Subscriptions and payment gateways PayPal and SOFORT (Klarna) are implemented and tested. Ready for use. 

6/20/2019 Groups

From now on you can form "groups" with your own weather stations. After the login, this function is immediately visible and with a few clicks, the group is created. A direct link to the group as well as an iFrame code is provided automatically. Example:  

06/15/2019 Direct link to own weather station

On the own weather station page there is now the tab "direct link". It can be split/integrated in the social media, in mails and signatures or on the website. 

5/24/2019 meteoBridge is being read in. 

The first test station is now being read in via the meteoBridge interface. A milestone in development and programming!


4/24/2019 Calendar selection and hit list

The data selection via calendar has been refined and the hitlistings work. 

3/24/2019 Test data are visualized on the map

Test data from an openData source is reliably displayed on the very first maps. The system works in principle. Wow!