Version 1.4:  January 2022

  • New data interface (Decentlab stations)
  • Introduction of grassland temperature per station (but not for free stations)
  • Special map for customer stations
  • Special PDF evaluation for customer stations
  • Cyclic export of its stationdata for a customer


Version 1.3:  April 2021

  • Display of the data send string on the sensor page (edit station).
  • New: Display of seaprate ground probes (or water temperature)
  • Free assignment of probes
  • Changes in the admin area (Superadmin)
  • Admin can disable sensors and stations that are reported


Version 1.2:  Mai 2020

  • Almanac page per station (per measured maximum values, minimum values, rain intensity and much more)
  • Display air pressure as a Graph
  • Introduce Weatherdisplay as new interface
  • Import stations from "Kaltluftseen"
  • Special icon on map for Platinum customers (-> webcam)
  • Report station button (but first in a simple form)
  • Almanac page per station
  • Expand Admin Tools
  • Remove Twitter icon (Twitter is not relevant)


Version 1.1 will be released on 10.12.2019 with the following functions:

Station site

  • New options on the station definition page (additional probes, station installation description, etc.)
  • Support of special probes on the station display side (leaf moisture, soil measurements)
  • Forecast for the location
  • Climate diagram can also be selected per year (standard every year)


  • Selective displays (selection) on the maps (WMO, meteobridge, others)
  • Info page: "New stations"



The approximate time schedule is planned as follows

  • Alpha and beta phase until the end of August2019
  • Launch on the domain was on 9.9.2019
  • Running-in period until the end of the year