The Forum as a hub for ideas, expansion requests and general questions

A forum offers as always the best functions to publish information, questions and suggestions for everyone visible and commendable.  

Directly to the forum: Forum / Community


Didn't find what you were looking for in the forum? Then a ticket helps

BUT: Before you create a ticket:

  • please read the help pages
  • search the forum, respectively ask the question there
  • and only create a ticket as the last option

Your questions and requests will reach us via the following link and online form:  Create a new ticket online 

Alternatively, you can also send your request to this e-mail address (open automaticly a ticket):

Thank you very much. 


At the moment you have to accept an SSL certificate when switching to the forum and help center.
This will be fixed later with the productive version.


You will also have to register there or register a NEW to create a forum or ticket entry.